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We care and are here to help. . .

There are times when life gets hard to handle, like when a relationship is in serious trouble, or when you have a child that is really struggling. Sometimes life can seem so out of control that it feels like you're stuck with nowhere to turn. Our therapists are warm, caring individuals who are here to help get your life back on track. We believe that miraculous change can happen, difficult situations can be resolved, and that people, families, and communities can thrive again.


We have several locations and currently serve people living in San Bernardino, Redlands, Loma Linda, Colton, Riverside, and surrounding areas.  CARE Counselors provides services at locations as far south as San Diego and as far north as Hesperia.

Dr. Vanessa Quintana

Appointed Vice President for Diversity

CARE Counselors Incorporated (a faith-based 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization) is pleased to introduce our new Vice President for Diversity,

Dr. Vanessa Quintana, D.M.F.T.  Dr. Quintana will guide our clinical team in collaboratively developing evidence-based programs that fulfill our mission and commitment to provide compassionate, holistic and culturally-responsive services.  She will also aid in developing community relationships with other faith-based and health services organizations.


CARE Counselors is committed to the Christian belief that every human being is a Child of God and endowed by their Creator with human dignity which transcends any difference between individuals or peoples.  We intend that everything we do in the communities we serve be consistent with the affirmation of these values and principles.  The following statement expresses Dr. Quintana’s pledge to further advance these aims in her new role as Vice President for Diversity:


The socio-political environment in which we live presents an urgent need to hold a safe haven for our clients who many times come desperate to be listened to—desiring  that someone see and acknowledge their pain.   This pain, born oftentimes of fear, reflects a growing issue:   the trust placed on those in positions of influence in our society is deteriorating.   The CARE Counselors Clinical Team is made up of mental health professions that are dedicated to advocating for those who are oppressed, discriminated against, rejected, hurt, or victimized.  It is time for us to speak up!  Our promise is to our clients, community, employees and contributors is that we will not, by our silence, join our voice with those who inflict this pain and fear.  We speak up against discrimination by ensuring that CARE Counselors is an organization that treats everyone with the utmost respect.  We speak up against oppression by considering and fulfilling the needs of all who put their trust in us—willing to be their voice and walk the extra mile with them.  We speak up against racism, the distrust and rejection of those deemed "different.”   We promise to carry out the vision and mission of Christ to love others and serve without reserve and judgment.  And, in this way, we commit ourselves to serving you.



Please contact us at the following: (909) 890-4466 | | 1881 Commercenter Drive East, Suite 232, San Bernardino, CA 92408